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Corporate Philosophy:A deepening contribution to society through products and technology that promote health of body and mind.
Basic corporate policies:
To conduct business guided by the policies described below in order to earn and maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers and the public
  1. Strengthen new-business and new-product development
  2. Enhance Calpis-specific technology
  3. Strengthen competitiveness and improve performance
  4. Promote growth as an international group of companies
  5. Pursue quality and ensure safety
  6. Carry out corporate social responsibility
  7. Build a vigorous corporate culture
Message from the President
Calpis Co., Ltd. was founded by Kaiun Mishima in 1917. Two years after the company's founding, the cultured milk drink CALPIS was marketed, its development inspired by the healthy cultured milk. Kaiun Mishima encountered that milk during his stay in Mongolia in his youth. CALPIS has been loved through the decades since.
Souhei Ishiwata President
Today as in the past, the focus of our research is Calpis Cultured Milkーon which CALPIS is based. This research paved the way to the marketing of Ameal S, an officially-designated Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) containing Lactotripeptide, a component that helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Another product of Calpis research is INTERBALANCE L-92 series with allergy-fighting-component L-92 lactobacillus. Our microorganism technology, including lactobacillus applications and technical know-how, is attracting attention and winning praise domestically and internationally. KEN-CHA-OH, a specific functional drink with a blood-sugar regulating component, is yet another example of how Calpis technology is helping people to fulfill their personal health goals. CALPIS-brand specialties such as lactic acid beverage CALPIS Water continue to be consumer favorites. And we continue to make impressive inroads in marketing famous international brands Evian and Welch's.
This year marks the first year of our new midterm management plan. Starting from 2005 through 2007, we will concentrate on achieving further growth as a corporate group recognized for high added value through global business development of functional foods and drinks and lactic acid beverages.
More and more, in the future, health will become universally valued. In response, we will expand our functional foods and drinks business as well as further strengthen our lactic acid beverages business. As for overseas operations, we will extend not only our beverages business in Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan, but also begin the business of ingredient sales and licensing of intellectual property rights for Lactotripeptide, known as AmealPeptide overseas, in the United States and Europe.
Moreover, our work reflecting our corporate social responsibilityーsuch as eco-managementーis positive. This includes securing the quality and safety of products, which are starting points of a manufacturer's operations.
The end of last year marked completion of construction of the new Calpis headquarters building on the site where the company was originally founded. Taking this as an opportunity for a second founding, the Calpis group is going forward creating a new era and new values through teamwork.
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