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A record of achievement
1917 October Founded Lacto K.K. (Predecessor to Calpis Co., Ltd.)
1919 July Launched CALPIS, Japan's first lactic acid beverage.
1923 June Renamed the company as Calpis Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1948 December Founded The Calpis Food Industry Co., Ltd. (Capital: \3 million)
1949 November Listed stock on Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1961 October Listed stock on Osaka Stock Exchange.
1971 July Increased capital from \2.1 billion to \3.15 billion.
1977 December Opened office in Los Angeles (USA).
1987 Feburary Tied up with BSN (presently Groupe Danone) of France.
March Started sales of Evian natural mineral water.
June Launched CALSPORIN feed additive.
1990 August Tied up with Ajinomoto Co., Inc. to expand beverage operations.
September Increased capital to \13.057 billion.
1991 February Absorbed the beverage operations of Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
February Launched CALPIS WATER.
December Founded CAPY U.S.A., Inc. (presently Calpis U.S.A., Inc.) in Los Angeles (USA).
1992 November Founded Calpis Ajinomoto Danone Co., Ltd.
1994 July Founded P.T. Ajinomoto Calpis Beverage Indonesia in Jakarta (Indonesia).
1995 April Founded Taiwan Calpis Co., Ltd. in Taipei (Taiwan).
1997 January Founded Ajinomoto Calpis Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok (Thailand).
July Launched CALPIS Cultured Milk as AMEAL S.
July Tied up with Welch's Foods Inc. (USA).
September Renamed The Calpis Food Industry Co., Ltd. as Calpis Co., Ltd.
September Started selling Welch's brand fruits juice.
1999 December Strengthened tie-up with Groupe Danone.
2000 March Started selling CALSPORIN in USA.
April Founded Calpis Itochu Mineral Water Co., Ltd.
May Launched CALPIS fantasy gift.
June Acquired ISO14001 certification at Okayama Plant.
July Completed new Osaka Branch office building.
November Completed new Sagami Plant warehouse.
December Acquired ISO 14001 certification at Sagami Plant and Gunma Plant.
2001 April Frontiers Laboratory established.
May Taiwan Calpis Co., Ltd. began selling CALPIS WATER in PET bottles.
May Vending machine business tie-up established with ASAHI SOFT DRINKS Co., Ltd.
June AMEAL S received the Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award from Institute of Food Technologists in the USA
September ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT 2001 issued.
November AMEAL S received The Food Ingredient Research Award from Food Ingredients Europe.
2002 May Contract to sell Evian concluded with Itoen Co., Ltd.
June Introduced a traceability system.
July Began consigned on-site production of CALPIS in Taiwan.
September KEN-CHA-OH sold as a specific health food.
October AMEAL S Handy Tablets sold as a specific health food.
October Calpis Ajinomoto Danone Co., Ltd. finishes building the Tatebayashi Plant and starts full-scale production.
December Contract to sell Evian concluded with Sapporo Beer's Beverage Co., Ltd. (presently Sapporo Beverage Co., Ltd.)
2003 January Groundbreaking ceremony for the new head office building.
March Reorganized management structure.
April Began test marketing AMEAL S in northern California, USA.
April Established Calpis Beverages Co., Ltd. to consolidate our vending machine business.
May Established business tie-up with Itoen Co., Ltd. in field of vending machines.
June Acquired company-wide ISO 14001 certification.
July Enacted activity standards for the Calpis Group.
August Established business tie-up for chilled drinks with UNI-PRESIDENT ENTERPRISES CORP., Taiwan.
2004 January Launched three INTERBALANCE L-92 products, including regular temperature and chilled types.
  January Started up lines at the Okayama Plant that handle both PET and glass bottles.
  July Enlarged Calpis Ajinomoto Danone Co., Ltd. Tatebayashi Plant.
  December Completed construction of new headquarters building.

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