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Through global business development with the focus on functional foods and drinks and lactic acid beverages, the Calpis group will be providing high value
This is the first year of our new midterm management plan.
Our basic strategy for the 2005 to 2007 term is to strengthen our marketing base for functional foods and drinks. We will be building more recognition in field of lactic acid beverages as we respond to new trends in the domestic marketplace. Internationally, we will respond positively and promptly to opportunities to develop and market new products introducing the company's new concepts in Calpis value.

Beverages and Foods
This product line includes lactic acid beverages CALPIS, CALPIS Water, Evian, and Welch's
Concentrate Beverages
Ready-to-Drink Beverages
Chilled and Daily Products
Functional Foods and Drinks
This product line includes Ameal S, INTERBALANCE L-92 series, OLIGO CC and KEN-CHA-OH

International Operations
Overseas operations extend to Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, andthe USA
Microorganism Technology
This product line for animals in production includes probiotic feed additives Calsporin and Finelact
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