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Welch's Gift Set, CALPIS Gift Set, CALPIS Atelier Gift Set
Welch's Gift Set   CALPIS Gift Set CALPIS Atelier Gift Set

Tasty expressions
Gift giving is a big part of every culture. Over the years, Calpis has grown to be a big part of seasonal gift-giving festivities.

Gift assortments, a long-standing Calpis specialty, rank among our best selling products. As such, they are painstakingly developed to be ideal expressions of congratulations, gratitude, and greetings of all kinds.

Because CALPIS Gift Sets feature variety as well as good taste, they are popular with consumers of all ages. Our range of gift products also includes the colorfully designed CALPIS Atelier Gift Set of assorted traditional and newly-developed products.

Welch's Gift Sets are assortments of high-quality 100% fruit juices that are welcomed by the whole family.
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