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Daigomi CALPIS Blueberry

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A legacy of good taste
The dictionary defines heirloom as something of special value handed on from one generation to another. Similarly, Calpis has been a popular way to toast happy times since its debut 86 years ago. Why so enduring? Because CALPIS is always tasty, healthy, and priced right. It is a product with flexibility to satisfy varying taste preferences and with the versatility to be used in cooking and the preparation of desserts. We are constantly exploring new tastes for CALPIS to ensure that our generation-to-generation popularity continues. This year, we are launching two new high-quality beverages: Daigomi CALPIS, with fresh cream added, is so rich and creamy we have nicknamed it gourmet Calpis . And Daigomi CALPIS Blueberry, made using fresh blueberry juice, excites the taste buds of adults and children, as well.
Fruits ripe and juicy
Tasty combinations of CALPIS and seasonal fruits are more ways the company satisfies the taste preferences of modern consumers. The CALPIS Fruit series in Orange, Grape, and White Peach brings the good taste of fresh fruits to consumers year-round. CALPIS seasonal fruit series offers assorted CALPIS drinks that remind one of harvest time and the ripeness and juiciness of fresh fruit.
Some items from the CALPIS Fruit series
Some items from the CALPIS Fruit series
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