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Environmental Activities:Our efforts are company-wide
Environmental Activities:Our efforts are company-wide

Environmental strategy
The origin of CALPIS can be traced to the vast expanse of nature that is known as Mongolia. Throughout the 88-year history of CALPIS, the company has prioritized the bounty of nature to develop products that are friendly to the environment and local communities. We will continue to pursue our social objective, coexistence with the environment, by sharing the same values with consumers, the society, and the earth.

Environmental Report and Environmental Guidebook Calpis Environmental Reports have been published since 2001. The Environmental Guidebook is distributed to all members of the Calpis group to keep employees us to date on environmental impacts issues as they go about their development, Production, Logistic, and sales activities.
Basic environment policy
Basic philosophy:
To contribute to the health of body and mind through the bounty of nature. Calpis will respect the healthy global environment that nature brings and take actions that are based on the concept of coexistence with the earth.

Action gudelines:
- We will consistently review all development, production, logistics, and sales activities to study their impact on the environment. Based on our findings, we will carry out uninterrupted actions for improvement.
- We will implement resource-saving, energy-saving and recycling activities at all workplaces. Through these efforts, we will reduce substances that impose burdens on the environment.
- We will follow all regulations and agreements that are environment related. Also, we will provide appropriate support and disclose information in a friendly manner.
- We will take actions keeping in mind that each of us is a global citizen living in a regional society.
- We will carry out environmental activities that contribute to the society from a global point of view.
Calpis Co.,Ltd.
Regional environmental activities
Calpis is engaged in various communication-based activities contributing to the environment.
At the Gunma Plant in 2004, we have raised black killifish, an endangered species, in a breeding pond using recycled wastewater and contributed the fish to the city pond. Similar activities were carried out at the Okayama Plant. We raised black killifish and presented them to 11 kindergartens in Soja City.
At the Sagami Plant, we breed fireflies using the plant's wastewater after it is treated. Over 5,000 local citizens come to visit the firefly-watching event every year.
Our head office, branches and other local business offices all actively participates in regional greening and landscaping activities as well.
Firefly-watching event at the Sagami Plant
Firefly-watching event at the Sagami Plant
Branches and other offer also activity promote a healthy environment
Branches and other offer also activity promote a healthy environment
Activities to preserve the environment
Calpis had an early start in establishing and operating the environmental management system based on ISO (International Standards Organization). In 2003, all business units of the company acquired ISO 14001 certification.
Our plants aim to maintain a 100% recycling rate for waste material as well as cutting down the amount of carbon dioxide gas and energy used. As for product development, we use lightweight containers and packaging material as much as possible from the design phase, and select raw materials that have a reduced burden on the environment to realize environment-friendly achievements.
Our new headquarters is environment-friendly
Our new headquarters building adds two small parks to the regional environment. 30% of the site is greenery made up in part by 130 hawthorn, camphor, bayberry, and olive trees.
Building attributes include an energy-saving photovoltaic solar-panel system, resources-conserving rainwater recycling system, and rooftop landscaping.

Rooftop landscaping, Garden plots with trees are plentiful around our building
Rooftop landscaping Garden plots with trees are
plentiful around our building
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