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Advertising and Publicity:Calpis is always to be near customers
Advertising and Publicity:Calpis is always to be near customers

Calpis uses carefully selected media and comprehensive advertising and public relations campaigns to promote our concepts of health of body and mind to a wide consumer audience.

'Enjoyed by the whole family' is the concept for CALPIS TV commercials. In addition, our corporate communications programs stress the unique characteristics of CALPIS―the taste can be prepared to individual liking easily.

The company has appointed Masami Nagasawa a TV personality popular among consumers in their teens and 20s as advertising spokesperson for CALPIS WATER. The image of good taste is presented in a way that is easy for consumers to relate to.

Actor Toshiyuki Nishida continues to endorse KEN-CHA-OH in advertisements that are easy for our target audiences to relate to.
Masami Nagasawa
Toshiyuki Nishida

Health of body and mind for children, too
Company-founder Kaiun Mishima launched the Calpis Girls' Festival Day Gift Campaign in 1963. Targeting kindergarten and nursery school children across Japan, this year's event marks its 41st anniversary, and we are happy to announce that we gave CALPIS products and picture books to 3.1 million children.
Calpis has produced its original colorful picture books every year since 1982.

Children toasting Girls'Festival with CALPIS, CALPIS gift commemorating Girls'Festival, Picture Book Gift
Children toasting Girls'Festival with CALPIS,
CALPIS gift commemorating Girls'Festival
  Picture Book Gift

Calpis also sponsors baseball clinics nationwide on Children's Day and invites former professional baseball players to participate as coaches. Another Calpis activity for youngsters is its Picture Book Reading Program for children and their parents. Through these activities, CALPIS aims at contributing to the health of body and mind of children. After all, today's children will become leaders in the coming ages.
An abundance of information accessible on our website
The Calpis website is a tool with which the company is providing consumers with an abundance of fresh information on our products, commercials and our company.
The theme of the website is Calpis Town. The program begins with a friendly and entertaining front page, then guides consumers to the information that addresses a variety of individual needs and concerns.
Front Page
Front Page
Other than the aforementioned information, our website features Calpis Cafe which presents recipes, and the Calpis Library which presents many heartwarning stories about CALPIS.

Calpis Cafe, Calpis Library
Calpis Cafe Calpis Library
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