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Research and Development:At the forefront of high-level microorganism techniques
Research and Development:At the forefront of high-level microorganism techniques
Calpis maintains research and development at all three of its laboratories. To ensure that development activities are smoothly integrated, the Research and Development Planning Department oversees laboratory activities and the planning of midterm and long-term R&D management programs.

Our extensive microorganism technology provides a sound foundation for future growth. This technology begins with decoding of the entire genome of our own Lactobacillus herveticus and extends to techniques that maximize the performance of a variety of materials having human-health benefits.

Food and Drink Development Laboratory
Pursuing the highest possible value
Response to changes in the marketplace is both swift and accurate.
Food and Drink Development Laboratory works closely with all our business units to monitor and respond to changing taste preferences and trends in the personal health-care market. CALPIS fermentation technology, flavoring techniques and recipe knowledge base play vital roles not only in the production of Calpis lactic acid beverages but also in our fruit juices, tea drinks, chilled products and alcoholic beverages.
Taste test
Taste test

Frontiers Laboratory
Research to guide our future
Based on existing technological assets, the Frontiers Laboratory carries out research and development activities in cutting-edge facilities. The laboratory's programs target the long-term view and focus on exploring and enhancing our participation in technical and business markets.
Among the missions of the laboratory are to conduct research that extends the company's philosophy of health of body and mind, and to scientifically validate developments that promise improved health benefits for society in the future.
The laboratory is also engaged in studies with universities and other research organizations.

Functional Food and Drink Development Laboratory
Strategic research for health
The Functional Food and Drink Development Laboratory promotes fundamental strategic research that ultimately will lead to clearly defined applied research and thus the creation of new products and new fields of business activity. The primary mission of the laboratory is to study and develop new products, new technologies, and new materials. Based on our 30 years of research on cultured milk and intestinal bacteria, main studies at this laboratory focus on functional components such as Lactotripeptide and useful microorganisms that support life such as the lactic acid bacteria L-92 strain.
Accurately but also with speed
Accurately but also with speed

Exploring the physiological functions of Lactobacillus helveticus cultured milk

Through research on our own cultured milk containing Lactobacillus helveticus, physiological functions in addition to the blood-pressure-regulating function were clarified. Among other functions that are being clarified are recovery from fatigue and stress-reducing effects. Based on animal studies, we are acquiring insight in the areas of life extension, immunostimulating effect, and improving learning ability and memory.
This year we will also be exploring other potential functions such as the regulating mechanism for melatonin, a hormone to adjust human biological rhythm, and moisturizing and suppressing functions for the formation of skin melanin.
Lactobacillus helveticus
Lactobacillus helveticus
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